Notice of Conditions for Participation in the Go To Travel Business

To participate in the “Go To Travel” program, our company has implemented the following conditions and is asking for your cooperation.

  • When checking in, take measures to prevent infection, such as avoiding face-to-face contact, and then take temperature readings and verify the identity of all travelers.
  • Travelers should be checked for physical condition such as temperature measurement, and if they have fever or cold symptoms, they should be instructed by public health centers including on weekends and take appropriate measures.
  • Regarding the use of common facilities such as bathhouses and eating and drinking facilities, restrictions on the number of people and hours should be established and Three Cs measures should be thoroughly implemented. *
  • In the buffet style, Three Cs measures should be thoroughly taken, such as devising ways of serving dishes and separating the seats, such as individually serving meals, sharing meals by employees, or avoiding sharing by providing tongs and chopsticks exclusively for individual customers. *
  • Thoroughly disinfect and ventilate common spaces such as guest rooms and elevators.
  • Publicize the fact that the “conditions for participation” are thoroughly implemented on the website and on the front desk.
  • When making reservations or purchases of travel goods, or checking in at accommodations, etc., all travelers should be thoroughly informed of the matters to be observed. In addition, it is advisable to refrain from group tours for young people, group tours for elderly people who tend to become seriously ill, and tours with large parties because such tours are generally considered to be high risk. However, this does not mean that these measures alone will not be uniformly excluded from the scope of support, and if they are implemented, the GOJ will thoroughly ensure that appropriate travel should be implemented on the assumption that steady measures are taken to prevent infection, such as school trips and educational trips.

* There is no applicable facility in our company.